coooo218 (Registry File Failure)

coooo218 (Registry File Failure)

Hi Guys I thought someone might find this helpful. I came across a customers PC which would boot into Windows XP then flash a blue error screen very quickly and then restart. I disabled auto restart on system failure in the F8 menu.

Stop c0000218 (Registry file failure)

Registry cannot load hive


or its log or alternative etc…..

After some research ( Google really is your friend lol ) I found there may be a problem with ram or the hard drive. I loaded Barts PE disk and ran the scandisk utility and wow….. a lot of errors are on the hard drive. This definitely points to the hard drive as being the source of the problem as I had only formatted and reinstalled the OS 2 days ago. You can try and run the repair installation option off your Windows XP cd, just boot the PC with Win XP disc wait for it to load then select the repair option. This seems to be a rare problem and I hope this info helps someone out in the future.  I also found this link on a forum which may help Link Here .

If your hard drive is OK then try using utilities found on various boot CD’s to fix the registry or worst case reinstall Windows XP. Search for UBCD or Bart PE in your favourite torrent directory for the boot CD’s

Good Luck

Peter Parry


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