How to disable User Account Control warning in Vista

One thing I hate about Windows Vista is the pop up asking for permission to do anything like changing a setting on the display or installing a program. I know it is an added layer of protection to prevent unauthorized control of your PC but it does get annoying after a while. So to disable UAC click Start->Control Panel->User Accounts, click “turn User Account Control on or off” link if UAC is active, & pops up just click continue. Uncheck the box where is says ” Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer then click OK then restart your computer. There you have it, no more pop up.
Have Fun.

Update, you will need to remove the security warning too

There is no option in Security Center or group policy to prevent the security warning balloon from appearing but it can be disabled via the registry.

How to disable the User Account Control status warning message:

1. Go to Start-> type Regedit in the search bar and navigate to the following

2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center

1. Add the following value:
Data Type:
Value Name:
Restart the Security Center service for the change to take effect.

Updated Version July 2008
To turn off UAC, the easier version, go to start->control panel-> security center. expand the other security settings bar at bottom of list then click turn off user account control. all done.


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