How to Remove or fix Dual Boot Linux Windows System.

If you have a dual boot system with Linux and Windows on it, you may at some stage want to remove the Linux and keep Windows.  The most common type of dual boot system with 2 operating systems that I have seen have been Ubuntu and Windows XP. You may have already deleted the partition with Ubuntu on it and find that Windows will not boot at all. There is an easy way to fix this. If you want to completely remove Ubuntu then you will need to get a copy of ” G-Parted ” Free  Download here 28.5 MB ISO Image, you must create a CD from the ISO Image. Boot your computer with the G Parted Boot CD that you have just created. Delete the partitions that hold Linux/Ubuntu. Then you need to allocate the rest of the space on the Hard Drive to the Windows partition thus increasing the size of space to your C Drive. Remove the G Parted boot CD and replace it with your Windows XP CD. Boot the computer so it boots off the Windows XP CD, wait for the 1st blue screen which asks you if you want to install or repair Windows. Select the Repair/Recovery and wait for the recovery console to load. All you have to type is ” FIXMBR ” type “exit” when it has finished, remove the Windows XP CD and restart your computer. It should now boot into Windows.

Hope this helps.


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